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The Anaheim Municipal Employees Association was formed in 1946 by a group of City employees concerned about their lack of even basic benefits or a means to address workplace grievances.  AMEA exists today as an independent member-controlled nonprofit corporation serving as the sole collective bargaining agent for approximately 700 general and clerical employees.

The AMEA has a Board of Directors made up of City employee volunteers elected by the Association's members.  We are your association.  For complete information on the Association's election procedure, you are encouraged to ask the AMEA office for a free copy of the Association's Bylaws.

Like the Directors who elect them, the AMEA's Executive Officers are also City employees serving the Association without compensation. 

Click Here to see the current AMEA Executive Board.

Since the officers and Directors are all full-time City employees themselves, AMEA contracts with the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA) to have a staff of professional labor representatives available to promptly advise and assist employees with any potential workplace grievances.

Some years ago, AMEA members voted to have "Agency Shop" in their bargaining units.  Agency shop means that full-time employees within the AMEA represented Clerical and General bargaining units must either choose to be a full AMEA member or to pay AMEA labor labor representation service fee "as a condition of continued employment." Only regular AMEA members have full membership voting rights to participate in deciding the AMEA dues rate, bylaws and their Board of Directors representation.  Both members and service fee payers have full access to AMEA grievance representation services and both receive the benefits and protection provided by AMEA negotiated collective bargaining agreements with the City of Anaheim.

AMEA dues have been set (by member vote) at less than one percent of a member's gross (non-overtime) City earnings.  Currently, the rate for regular members is 0.80853%, and the rate for service fee payers is 0.7766%.  Unlike many other unions, the AMEA's dues rate is controlled by direct vote of the membership.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call the AMEA office at (714) 765-0123.

1. Quoted from California Code Section 3502.5
2. To calculate a member's dues: Multiple gross (non-overtime) wages X 0.0080853