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One of the key areas of leadership for most unions is that which is centered in their Steward programs. That is true of AMEA as well. AMEA aims to identify and cultivate Stewards who have strong interpersonal skills, are familiar with their MOUs, and exercise good judgment, diplomacy, personal integrity, and loyalty to AMEA. Our Stewards are one of our main pipelines of information from AMEA to our membership. When we need to get the word out on a major activity, our Stewards are there to help. An effective AMEA Steward is willing to protest management actions that violate the collective bargaining agreement, are arbitrary or unfair, or threaten the health or safety of employees.

AMEA currently has approximately 32 Stewards, and AMEA is continually recruiting and training Stewards. New and current Stewards attend training to familiarize themselves with the issues they will encounter in their roles as employee advocates.

For those of you who are up to an exciting challenge, AMEA encourages you to apply to become an AMEA Steward!  For further information contact the AMEA office at 714-765-0123

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