Anaheim Municipal Employees Association


All employees within AMEA represented classifications must submit a membership application upon completion of new hire probation.

If you and your co-workers are currently working in an unrepresented classification and would like to become organized and represented by AMEA, please contact the AMEA office at (714) 765-0123.

By joining AMEA, you will become part of a powerful pro-employee force that has positively impacted wages and benefits for Anaheim employees since 1946. Here are a few of the great benefits of AMEA membership:

  • Vote on contracts (including wage increases)!
  • Receive representation on work-related problems!
  • Provide input during bargaining!
  • Have access to “members only” communications and updates!
  • Have a VOICE in the workplace!
  • Have access to discounted tickets to movies, theme parks, and more!
  • Vote for the AMEA Board of Directors—decide who your leaders are!
  • Run for the AMEA Board of Directors!
  • Become an AMEA leader!
  • Can become AMEA Board Members!
  • Can become AMEA bargaining-team members!
  • Can participate on special committees and working groups.
  • Have access to discounted tickets!