AMEA and OCEA—Partners since 1995

The Anaheim Municipal Employees Association (AMEA) is an independent labor organization which exists for the purpose of representing bargaining unit employees of the City of Anaheim. AMEA is governed by its member-elected Board of Directors and an Executive Board elected from among those Directors. AMEA is affiliated with the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA), which under contract provides representation services for AMEA members and technical, legal and governance support for AMEA organizationally. Among the support services OCEA provides to AMEA is information technology, including assistance with AMEA’s website and database. AMEA’s affiliation with OCEA provides AMEA with many of the benefits of a larger labor organization while maintaining our independence.  

To receive the most updated AMEA news and information via email, you must register for an account on OCEA’s website. Only members can sign up to receive emails.

AMEA members have access to OCEA’s Ticket & Discount program—offering discounts to many SoCal attractions. By registering for OCEA’s website, you gain access to purchase some of these discounted tickets online.